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An Alchemical Christmas Story

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An Alchemical Christmas Story

In the year of our Lord, 353 AD, Pope Liberius declared that Christmas would hereafter be celebrated on December 25th (the traditional birthdate of Mithras and the time of the Winter Solstice.) Up until that year, Christ’s birth was not celebrated in December.

We know with certainty that Jesus Christ wasn’t born on December 25th of the year 0. There is no year “0.” An attempt at an identification of that year wasn’t made until 523 AD when a monk by the name of Dionysius Exiguus was tasked with it by the papal chancellor, Bonifatius.

Dionysius was mainly working on tables that calculated the dates on which to celebrate Easter. To do this, he was working from the beginning date of the founding of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita.) It has been known for a long time now that he erred in setting Christ’s birth in the year 753 AUC. (You see, King Herod died in 750 AUC and Jesus was born during Herod’s reign.) Dionysius erred in setting 754 AUC as equal to our year 1 AD.

It is generally accepted now that the most likely years (in our reckoning) for Christ’s birth are six or seven BC.

Christmas lore tells us that three Persian kings travelled to Israel at that time to search out a foretold birth. These Magi were astronomer priests, familiar with the cults of Mithras and Serapis. The last 2,100 year-long Aeon was coming to an end and a new king was expected to be born to begin the new age.

In those years, Jupiter and Saturn were wandering through the skies in very close proximity. They would come together (conjunct) and then separate and then conjunct again throughout seven and six BC. At the time of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, the two stars appear as one bright star.

In seven BC, these conjunctions occur in the sign of Pisces – which happens to be the sign of the new Aeon.

The birth of this new king would be fulfilling the prophecies of Egypt as well as the Jews. A Horus King is born at the beginning of the Egyptian year, with the heliacal rising of Sothis, known to us as the star Sirius. On that night in 7 BC, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct high in the sky in Pisces. Orion (Osiris) follows and shortly thereafter Sothis (Isis) rises just before the sun.

On this particular morning, Mercury (Hermes Trismegistus) also rises after Sothis and appears immediately before the Sun.

It is this day, July 29th of 7 BC that fulfills the prophecies.

Traditional Christmas lore confirms the tale told in the skies. (As above, so below.) The scene in the stable contains all of the elements present in the sky. Jupiter and Saturn (conjunct) are represented by the two Magi, one who brings the gift of gold and the other who brings myrh. Aries and Taurus are represented by the sheep and the cow. Orion (Osiris) is represented by the presence of Joseph and Sirius (Isis) is represented by Mary.

The Christ Child himself is a “Lion of Judah.” The Lion King is born when the Sun rises in Leo.

Lastly, the oldest king kneels at the manger and presents the gift of frankincense. This would represent the last planet present – Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.
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On December 24th, 2005 11:18 pm (UTC), bodhicide commented:
I just had time to glance so far, but you write pretty interesting stuff. I'll have to go over it and read a bunch later. We're both members of the Moorish Science group that's never posted.
I got a fez today for Christmas. It is Noble Drew sunnah.
Assalam walekum.
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